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Jun 25

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Jun 04

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May 22

capoupascapae said: ok my friend code is 4555 9315 2992 i go by archi ill be on from 8:30 till 9:30 or 10 eastern time

Oi, it’s the next day now lol so I don’t know when you’ll be on here so just hit me up when ya are! anywhom mine is:

0733 5152 8222

Anonymous said: whats your friend code??

0733 5152 8222

May 21

capoupascapae said: hey is there an chance that you would trade me a mew or deoxys for ky pokemon white version?? i really need those please help... mesage me back please

Sure thing,what’s your friend code?

me n friendz

me n friendz

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May 20

Pikachu typography :D

Pikachu typography :D